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What We Do

Outsourced Resource Solutions

Mhairi Mackenzie Associates Ltd provides highly flexible, cost effective and expert out-sourced resource solutions to the private, public and voluntary sectors. With many years experience resourcing Globally, we have the experience to help you recruit and retain the right people to help you grow your business.  Mhairi has experience of resourcing from and for Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas.

Mhairi Mackenzie Associates Ltd offer clients a complete and highly-personal service, working in partnership with them to ensure that the often onerous recruitment process is focused, effective and minimises the use of client time and resources.

We offer a complete range of recruitment services; we can assist with the recruitment project life-cycle and offer campaign recruitment support, ad hoc help, we can working on an advisory capacity on your interview panel, offer recruitment segment support – where we handle the parts of the project you would rather outsource – perhaps dealing with ad response, screening and short listing, arranging interviews – to setting up systems, paperwork and processes for you.

What we can assist with

Recruitment is time consuming yet critical to the success of the business. However, as a client, what you should consider is, what else is more critical within your business that you could be doing rather than spend time recruiting? Why not leave the recruitment process in our expert hands and we will do this for/with you –

Mhairi Mackenzie Associates Ltd can help you at every stage in the resourcing process from:

Preparing for interview – creating an accurate job specification, working together to create a person specification, to ensure the successful candidate’s personality and skills fits your business

Advertising – we will only recommend advertising when essential and will then advise on the best source of advertising and use our contact details to take the burden of candidates contacting you away – we will deal with all the ad response and give you full visibility/ownership of applicants

Screening – we will screen applicants for suitability, short-list candidates, politely decline unsuitable applicants in a positive manner to enhance the image and PR of your business; invite candidates for interview at a time to suit you; at this stage we can either interview for you OR provide you with a short list of people coming to interview, along with CVs and our notes from our screening, as well as providing you with competency based questions for you to ask. We will be happy to do interview prep/coaching with clients where required

Offer Stage – we can negotiate the offer to your chosen candidate on your behalf

Compliance – we can carry-out critical paperwork including reference checking, check Right to Work, check qualifications, prepare the offer letter.

Where appropriate, we advise the successful candidate on how best to tender their resignation (to minimise stress and the risk of a counter-offer from the current employer) and keep in touch through their notice period.

If you would like to find out more information about these services, please make contact.